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Witness Alleges Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Were Leaked During Academy Awards Ceremony

The trial between the players and ownership of the Lakers was very heartbreaking and the issue is still being disputed. Photos from a cocktail party were shown during testimony on Wednesday, allegedl



We have already heard heartbreaking testimony in the civil trial over whether photos were shared after the 2020 helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others. A witness reportedly told CNN that a Los Angeles County firefighter had shown the horrific images during the awards ceremony’s cocktail hour on the second day.

Los Angeles fire captain Tony Imbrenda showed Luella Weireter, a former paramedic and the wife of a firefighter, photos of Bryant’s remains and other images from the crash site, Weireter testified.

Reporting from CNN:

Weireter testified that she overheard a firefighter say, “I can’t believe I just looked at Kobe’s burnt up body, and now I’m about to eat,” after a small group at her table gathered to look at images on a cell phone in what Weireter described as a party trick.

In addition, Weireter mentioned that Imbrenda’s wife had extended an invitation to view the pictures. Weireter testified that “she was like, excited, trying to get us to come and look at them.” She repeated herself several times. Weireter noted that during this conversation, she overheard another Los Angeles County Fire Captain laughing about the photos.


Weireter took a trip to the Malibu county fire station two weeks after the ceremony took place to lodge a formal complaint with the battalion chief. Later that day, she received a call from L.A. County Fire Chief Anthony Marrone.

Doug Johnson, a deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, testified that he was told to take photos of “the entire scene,” which included human remains. He was not provided with a work phone, so he took about 25 pictures of the site on his own. According to Johnson, “it is common practice to text close-up photos of dead bodies to other deputies, and he had received numerous similar photos throughout his career without ever being disciplined.”

He testified, “I know I didn’t do anything wrong,” and added that he has no remorse for his actions and doesn’t wish he had done anything differently.