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With our Draft Sharks’ Injury Predictor, you don’t have to wonder if your biggest fantasy team investments are going to pay off or not

Draft Sharks have an injury predictor tool on their website. They help you avoid wasting your picks with sub-par players.



Nothing is more frustrating in fantasy football than losing a star player to injury, especially if he was selected early in the draft and was ranked highly prior to the season. Some fantasy owners take precautions during the draft to avoid selecting players who are prone to injuries, but it can be difficult to narrow down the list of players to mark as “red” on your 2022 draft cheat sheet.

Draft Sharks’ Injury Predictor is the best in the business, giving you access to detailed information about each player’s past medical issues. A risk factor, the likelihood of injury throughout the season, and the odds of injury during a specific game can all be derived from this data. The most crucial factor is the absence of a scheduled game. Get a free trial by clicking the button below.

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Using Christian McCaffrey as an example, let’s dissect how to make the most of the Injury Predictor on Draft Sharks. Injuries to him are a major concern for the 2022 first-round. McCaffrey has been injured six times since college (ankle, hamstring, glute, shoulder, ankle, hip), giving him an 84% chance of injury this year, per the Injury Predictor tool (10.2-percent chance in each game). The team anticipates that he will miss 2.2 games due to injury, but there is always the possibility of more.

Would selecting McCaffrey in the first round be too much of a gamble? That’s debatable, but you now have the information you need to make a well-informed decision.


When deciding between two comparable players, the Injury Predictor is invaluable. If you’re a cautious owner, you might always go with the player who is expected to miss fewer games due to injury. As for McCaffrey again, he’s being taken around the same time as Dalvin Cook this year in the draft. While Cook has had his share of injury problems, he hasn’t missed nearly as many games the past two years as McCaffrey has (23 compared to six). I take it that this means Cook is the safer option.

There’s a chance that’s not the case. Draft Sharks’ Injury Predictor gives Cook a 94% injury risk because of his career total of 12 injuries. Compared to McCaffrey, who is expected to miss 2.7 games that year, Cook is pegged to miss 3.6.

No one can predict what will happen this season, and you may still choose to draft Cook over McCaffrey, but having an additional tool that aids in the most unpredictable aspect of fantasy football is invaluable.

Our partners at Draft Sharks have made their Injury Predictor available for free use right here on Sporting News, so be sure to take advantage of it. It’s a great resource to have on draft day, but it can also come in handy during the season when you’re trying to figure out how long players typically miss due to injuries.

Draft Sharks War Room will help you win your draft every time. Get 7 Days of Use at No Cost to You


As new injuries occur and new players come into your sphere of interest, you should revisit this page.