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Where to get scallops in Tower of Fantasy

Coastal life depends on seafood for a primary food source.



In the land of Aida, you can find many varieties of ingredients. With the ingredients you’ve found, you can prepare some fantastic meals that will do wonders for your moral fiber. Scallops are one of the many fantastic ingredients you can find in Tower of Fantasy. Perhaps scallops are something you’ve tried before. Most often found in seafood dishes, this tasty morsel is a staple ingredient. The Scallops must be found if your character is to experience the salty flavor of the ocean.

Location of the Scallops in the Tower of Fantasy

Scallops, alas, are not common on any old beach. Only the beaches of Banges have these particular shells. After completing the events in Astra, you will proceed to this region. The south coast is where you can find scallops, according to the game. This is correct in a technical sense, but you should really be paying more attention to the beach right in the middle of the area. Most of the scallops are located here.

Scallop Recipes

In Tower of Fantasy, scallops are used at cooking robots to make elaborate meals for your character to eat. Your character’s health and the Satiety meter will both improve after eating these. Raw scallops aren’t very beneficial to your character, so you shouldn’t eat them. Two Satiety points are gained from eating a raw one. To get the most out of Scallops, you should wait until you can cook them before eating them.