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When is Valorant Champions?

Check out all the excitement with Valorant Champions 2022.



Are you curious about VALORANT Champions 2022? What you should know is as follows.

The VALORANT Regional League Finals were completed last weekend, setting the stage for VALORANT Champions. The VALORANT World Championship will feature sixteen esports teams from around the globe competing in Istanbul, Turkey.

The VALORANT esports season’s grand finale is VALORANT Champions. It signifies the fruition of months of labor for the teams involved. Even though it’s an accomplishment to have qualified for the year’s final competition, only one team will win.

The scene is set for the #VALORANTChampions image found at this link: paV7wLx8S3 (@ValorantEsports) VALORANT Champions Tour 14 August 2022

Valorous Champions 2022 is when?


The dates of VALORANT Champions 2022 are September 2–October 18, 2022.

This year’s VALORANT Champions may be the last of their kind because the professional VALORANT landscape will undergo significant changes in the following year. The purpose of VALORANT Champions, according to the event’s sponsor and VALORANT creator Riot Games, is “to watch our largest worldwide tournaments played in front of a live audience.” Because of the popularity of VALORANT, and esports in general in Turkey, this could very well be possible.

Despite performing well in the Regional League Finals, the Turkish club FUT Esports is conspicuously missing from the competition. The competition might have had its highest live audience ever if they had been involved, and it still might. Good luck to all the participants and teams in September. We’ll be looking.