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What kind of crabs live in the White Mountains area? Hermit crabs are many different varieties, each with their own capabilities

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not hard to track down some of these ingredients, while others prefer to bury themselves in the sand and run away the moment they spot you. Hermit Crabs are what we’re discussing. The sea creature in question is sometimes hard to track down. The purpose of this guide is to provide specific locations in Tower of Fantasy where you can find this itty-bitty creature.

Tower of Fantasy Hermit Crabs: Where to Find Them

Getting a Hermit Crab in Tower of Fantasy isn’t as simple as stopping by the local pet shop. You’ll need to go on a hunt to find them. Hermit Crabs don’t appear until later in the game, so good luck finding one early on. You won’t be able to proceed to Banges until you leave Astra. You can begin your search for Hermit Crabs once you reach this area.

You can find Hermit Crabs on the beaches of Banges, Navia, and Crown, according to the game’s description. The southern Banges and Navia Bay beaches have been the most fruitful for us in our search for Hermit Crabs. You can run up to Navia and search the bay with little opposition if you haven’t already. You need to hit a Hermit Crab with a weapon before you can pick it up if you find one.

Methods for Employing Hermit Crabs


Like other ingredients, Hermit Crabs can be used in cooking to make a variety of dishes that will fill and heal your character. These dishes can be prepared at any of the many kitchens dotted around the world. Avoid eating a Hermit Crab on its own unless you’re desperate for Satiety. Unless cooked, these creatures will only add two Satiety points to your meal and will not heal you in any way.