Vince McMahon left WWE shortly before turning 77 and has since retired. There have been many worries about his future, but he can certainly escape the past with the many stories that exist.

WWE legend Mick Foley admitted that he and McMahon engaged in a 45-minute shouting match over a particular plot point.

This was the infamous 2007 limo explosion plot, to put it mildly. Mick thought it was disrespectful to a number of people who were in danger of dying.

Foley was even advised by McMahon that he was under no obligation to be there if he didn't feel comfortable. The abrupt cancellation of the plot was brought on by Chris Benoit's passing.

He talked in-depth about Vengeance 2007 in his "Foley Is Pod" show. He admitted that he and Vince McMahon had a protracted argument over the limo explosion plotline at this point.

"I was furious about it, honestly. I had a 45-minute argument with Mr. McMahon about how much I despised the angle.’’- Mick Foley

‘’At the time, I was working with children who were dealing with difficulties, including impending funerals, as well as helping injured service men quite a bit.’’ – Mick Foley

It has been fascinating to observe how WWE has changed since Vince McMahon's departure.

Since Triple H took over, the biggest difference we've noticed is on a creative level. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are now in charge.

Most people think of Triple H as a booker who chooses simple storylines. In the past month or two, nothing complicated has happened, and a lot of what we are witnessing now points in a new direction. Overall, it appears like the post-McMahon era has pleased the fans.