By: Nikhil Chauhan

WWE Superstar Kidnapped Mid-Match on RAW in Toronto 

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RAW in Toronto was one of the most exciting nights of pro-wrestling in recent times. With multiple returns, and some exciting performances, the show lived up to its expectations.

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While the return of Johnny Gargano and Edge performing for the first time in 10 years in Toronto were the highlight of the show, there was another exciting segment that grabbed eyeballs.

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Dexter lumis makes a statement on raw

Dexter Lumis made his presence felt for the third time in a row on Monday Night RAW. This time, involving himself in the tag-team match.

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Tomasso Ciampa and The Miz teamed up once again to take on AJ Styles and United States Champion Lashley.

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After Styles took out the Miz with a flying forearm outside of the ring, a hooded man tried to choke out AJ Styles.

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Brush Stroke

To the surprise of many, the hooded man was not Lumis. It was just then that a security guard would catch Miz from behind, holding him in a choke.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Lumis would reveal himself as he removed the helmet and continued dragging The Miz over the barricade and onto the arena concourse. Commentators would announce Miz as being "kidnapped".

Image courtesy: Twitter

There's no clarity on who was Lumis' original target. Regardless, it's safe to say there's a new stable brewing in the WWE.

Image courtesy: Reddit

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