Why Did John Cena Dropped the Dr. Of Thuganomics Gimmick?

John Cena is a 16-time world champion and has had a successful run in WWE.

But success was not always on the cards for John Cena. He has had his struggles when he started off.

Cena's ascent to superstardom is well-known, since he began as a 'ruthless aggression' rookie before embracing his hip-hop background and winning fans.

In an interview with Buzzfeed Cena said "The toughest thing for anyone in entertainment is to somehow find a way to captivate an audience. You have to create a personality for yourself and invest in that personality and hope people get it. And my character was The Prototype – half man, half machine, and a hundred percent f*cking rotten.”

In the year 2000 John Cena had to drop his hip-hop act because he wanted 

Cena also struggled when he was wrestling with big superstars like Batista, Randy Orton.

Cena had this to say on his struggles with big superstars, "He wasn't Brock, Rowan, he was the last f**king pick but he never stopped putting in efforts."

Cena continued to say "I loved hip-hop music so a character was made and I dived right into it, and it worked. There was never lack of passion or effort. That's where never give up comes from."