Warriors vs Nuggets



The Warriors are on overdrive and can't really be stopped by any team who doesn't have elite perimeter defense. Poole, Curry and Klay are unguardable. 


The Nuggets play well, especially the Joker. They just didn't have an answer for Gary Payton II coming off the bench and hitting 100% of his shots. 


The Nuggets played well In Game 3 but couldn't match the Warriors' pace.  They will have 1 last shot to save they NBA playoff Hopes


Aaron Gordon and Austin Rivers nearly fouled out in Game 3 trying to keep up with the Warrior's guards. They will need to find more effective way to stop Warriors. 


Gary Payton II. Stole the show in Game 3. He went 7 of 7 off the bench, getting the Warriors the crucial game winning points. Jordan Poole stepped up in Game 1 & 2 Who will dominate in Game 4  

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The Nugget's bench got exposed and their lack of team depth finally caught up to them. They cost them this series.