UFC Veteran Says Charles Oliveira Cannot Be In The GOAT Conversation As Yet

UFC 274 main event Oliveira vs Gaethje has been making headlines ever since its announcement.

The discussion was brought to the table on ESPN, with Michael Chiesa and veteran Din Thomas, in the lead-up to the UFC PPV.

UFC Live’s Michael Chiesa and Din Thomas previewed next Saturday’s lightweight title face-off between Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje.

To the question- if Oliveira wins, where does he sit into the GOAT conversation? The experts shared the same stance- the champ has a long way to go.

"We can never forget about his earlier losses. We can never forget about the fact that he quits in fights. Those are the things that will haunt him forever..those are the things that won't go away with some big wins. Its going to take him a minute before he gets to be considered in the category of GOAT conversation."

Oliveira lost to Swanson, Holloway and Felder via knockout following his first Knockout defeat against Donald Cerrone back in 2011. He has also lost via submission several times in his career.

While there's no denying his present accolades, Oliveira lack of effort after getting hurt in his earlier fights has made fans bring out the idea of "quit" in him.

Even Justin Gaethje has opined about the "quit" in Oliveira. Be that as it may, if one looks at Olives in his recent fights, that's not the case.

Though DoBronx has bounced back; with an incredible 10 fight win streak, seems like the MMA world is not yet ready to forget his losses from earlier days of his career.

Both Chiesa and Thomas regarded BJ Penn has the GOAT in the division, but also drew an inference that Oliveira could be in the running to become the lightweight GOAT.

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