UFC Fighters Who Almost Beat Jon Jones In His Career

Jon Jones is arguably the best MMA fighter in history. And he has only one loss in his career, which came due to a disqualification.

Jon Jones has fought many UFC champions and legends in his illustrious UFC career and was able to beat them all.

However, There were a few contenders who came very close to beating Jon Jones and shocked the fans.

Vitor Belfort fought Jon Jones at UFC 152 for the light heavyweight title. In the first round, Vitor Belfort came very close to submitting Jon Jones with an armbar.

But Jones was able to escape from the close position and win the fight in the fourth round by submission. It was certainly one of the toughest fights of Jones' career.

Jon Jones fought Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 where Gustafsson shocked the world with his skillsets and persistence.

Many fans believe that Gustafsson did enough to win that fight. However, the judges scored the fight in favor of the reigning champion Jon Jones.

The toughest fight of Jon Jones' MMA career took place at UFC 247 against Dominick Reyes. Jones won the fight by unanimous decision.

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