UFC 270

Stamann  vs  Nurmagomedov

Bantamweight Main Card event

Nurmagomedov's reach and height will be his great advantage, however, Stamann's 10 extra pounds will come in handy if these to fighters end up on the ground

Nurmagomedov's knows how to use his agile body well. His kicks are accurate and deadly. Stamann will have to pay a lot of attention to Nurmagomedov's standing game.

Nurmagomedov reach and agility could cause a lot of issues for Stamann.  This will be just the 2nd UFC fight for Nurmagomedov. Said won his 1st fight in KO/TKO decision in Round 1 00:51

Stamann has has been around the block a few times and he knows what his strenghts and weaknesses are. Stamann can throw very strong and accurate punches that can send Nurmagomedov into Lala land in now time.

Stamann has never won a ufc fight wtih KO/TKO but only by decision.  Expect him to endure a lot of pain and have great stamina. His kicks are not the best but can still hurt and slow down Nurmagomedov

Fight Odds

1. Nurmagomedoc Wins By Decision 2. Stamann wins by Decision 3.Nurmagomedov wins by TKO/KO 4. Stamann wins by TKO/KO 5. Nurmagomedov wins by submission 6. Stamman wins by submission


Said and Khabib Nurmagomedov are both Russian fighters but they are not brothers. Said and Khabib are actually cousins. 

UFC 270 Stamann vs Nurmagomedov