Tom Brady Retirement  It's Happening

Tom Brady, 44, has been around longer than anybody expected. Jan 30th will be 20 years since he won his 1st Super Bowl.   Is it a perfect time to announce Brady's retirement

Tom showed everybody his skills in the SoFi Stadium when he got the Bucs tie with only 40ish seconds left in the game. At age 44 he can easily compete with guys half is age!

The Bucs could not make it to the Super Bowl and Tom has a decision to make.  And He Did!

Brady decided to retire. Gronk will likely follow.   What will happen next? Will he take some time off from Football?

"Hopefully, I will be here a long time. For many year."

— Tom Brady before 2021 Season Starter

According to the reports, Brady will make an announcement soon!  According to the reports, Brady made the announcement! He is Retiring! 

Enjoy some of the last plays from this maestro from the Bucs vs Rams game.  Brady escapes a collapsing pocket and links with his pal Gronk!  

Brady finds his receiver with a beautiful floater in Q2

How about this bomb from Brady to Evans leading to 77 yard TD when Bucs need it the most. 3 min left in Q4  

And... Probably the last most significant throw of Brady's career. Leading to Bucs tieing up the game 27 - 27 with under a minute left

What Do You Think?  What Will Tom do next?

Become a coach, pundit, or take some time off?