The fourth season of hit Netflix romance series Virgin River welcomes back its existing cast.

the oddball, tight-night community of Virgin River, a fictional town in Northern California 

while introducing a handful of new characters to shake things up. 

leads Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who play Mel and Jack, the on-again off-again couple orbited by small-town drama, wholesome comedy, and the odd car crash/kidnapping/untimely death.  

(Not too much, mind you. Virgin River takes its inspiration from "slower" small-town shows like Dawson's Creek and Gilmore Girls—an antidote to the high-octane glossiness of shows like Succession.)

Two new characters were teased in the season 3 finale of Virgin River, and both get expanded roles in season 4. 

Meanwhile, a beloved face missing from season 3 finally returns. Let's dig into who's who in season 4 of Virgin River

The series began with Mel moving to Virgin River to work as a nurse in a local practice after suffering an unspeakable loss.  

After a shaky start in the tiny, insular town, Mel settles in and falls for local veteran and bar owner Jack Sheridan, played by Henderson. 

Season three ended with Mel telling Jack she was pregnant, but that the baby might not be his.  

Virgin River is a Netflix Original drama, meaning you’ll need a Netflix account to watch the new season of the series.

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