The Lavish Lifestyle of Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua has racked up some of the most wins and titles of any boxer in the last few decades. Naturally, when something is well-known, it also becomes lucrative.

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It's no secret that Anthony Joshua is a very wealthy man who enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Even though AJ isn't one to brag, his lavish lifestyle is obvious. In terms of luxury goods, AJ has it all.

With huge stakes in DAZN and ownership of two promotions (258 MG and Spartan Promotions), Anthony Joshua's wealth knows no bounds.

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Photos from Joshua's extravagant trips in his private jet fill his social media feeds.

Image Courtesy: WWE

AJ's passion for handcrafted sports cars has caught the attention of both boxing and auto enthusiasts around the world.

And Anthony Joshua is clearly motivated by more than just boxing; he also enjoys wakeboarding and water skiing. In addition to boxing, AJ's favorite sports include a wide range of others.

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However, Anthony Joshua still lives with his mom despite his fame and fortune.in an ex-council house.

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