The Kardashians Returns With More Insanity & Drama

In the new trailer, the lives of all the Kardashian daughters and mother  are on different tracks yet they manage to be there for each other in  hardships. The trailer focuses on how the sisters are rising above the  problems they are facing.

Kim Kardashian narrates in the trailer, that this season is going to be  ‘the season of independence.’ In the trailer, she mentions gaining  personal confidence. We also see her fitting in a Marilyn Monroe’s  outfit for Met Gala

The season will address the backlash of the Variety ‘Work’ comment  controversy. Kim is mortified because of the backlash, whereas Khloe  tells her people don’t sympathize with her. The trailer has no mention  of Pete Davidson.

Kylie Jenner will welcome her new baby this season with Travis Scott.  Fans do hope that she reveals the newborn’s name. We also see glimpses  of Kylie’s photoshoot, her canceling plans last minute, her Met Gala  look and her being ready for Billboard music awards.

Kylie also speaks about post-pregnancy depression in the trailer.Kris Jenner is undergoing some surgery this season which she doesn’t  want her kids to know. In this season, maybe her medical condition will  be revealed.

Also, she mistakenly says Khloe and Travis, instead of Kourtney and  Travis. But changes the topic immediately by saying “whatever it starts  with a K.”

Khloe is moving on with her life after Tristan Thompson cheated on her  the last season. Whereas Kendall Jenner is seen as being her own boss  and becoming her own woman.

This season will celebrate the marriage of Kourtney and Travis Baker.  The trailer concludes with Khloe saying that wish they had one boring  day in this family and glimpses of the Met Gala.