Most Brutal Roast Came From Colby Covington Against the Pink Suit Guy 

Colby Covington is notorious for his trash talk and chaotic press conferences.

The UFC welterweight does not shy away from roasting his opponents, fans, and even the media.

A similar incident took place when Colby Covington showed up for the press conference leading up to the Kamaru Usman rematch.

And this time Colby Covington was up against "The Pink Suit Guy" who brutally roasted Conor McGregor during  UFC 264 press conference.

The Pink suit guy asked Colby Covington if he would reveal the doctor's report to clarify whether he really broke his jaw against Kamaru Usman in the first fight.

Well, Colby Covington had a brutal response for him, which would end the era of the Pink suit guy.

"One sec, one sec, you look like a bottle of Pepto-Bismol and it makes sense because you got diarrhea in the mouth, son! Get out of my arena! Get out of here! Throw him out of here! Get out of my building!"- Colby Covington responded

Both Dana White and Kamaru Usman could not stop but laugh at Colby Covington's hilarious response. After this altercation, The Pink Suit Guy has not been seen in any UFC press conference.