Tension Rises Backstage as Stephanie McMahon Runs WWE as Interim CEO

Ever since Vince McMahon stepped down as the CEO fans have been speculating the future of WWE.

Stephanie McMahon has taken up the role of the interim CEO and chairwoman of WWE.

Recently, Triple H coming back to WWE NXT also has the fans excited.

But, it's needless to say that Vince McMahon does have a say in the WWE narratives. And it won't be surprising if Vince McMahon becomes the CEO again once the investigation on him ends.

As the confusion rises in WWE backstage the employees are prepared for any changes that might happen in the authority figure. A recent report PW Insider's Mike Johnson states:

"There is a lot of silence among employees as they are all waiting to see how bad this situation can get...There's been a real concern among some to keep their heads down and not get caught up in the mess, especially since they don't know what executives will end up with larger amounts of power when the dust settles,"

It's certainly a time of concern for WWE amid all the choas.

And it's still unknown how Stephanie McMahon is going to shape the future of WWE in the absence of Vince McMahon.