LA traded away the farm and went all-in with the talent base they have on hand. The only future they care about is this Sunday in LA!

Keys to the game for when the Rams play the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI

Rams vs Bengals  Super Bowl LVI


Was the trade (two 1st rounders, a 3rd, and Goff) worth it? We find out this Sunday. Gripes? Matthew Stafford has been consistently underthrowing receivers on (very) deep routes. That's it. The man is on a mission and on fire.

Matthew Stafford


Aaron Donald Leonard Floyd Von Miller It all starts with Aaron Donald. Leonard Floyd has emerged and Von Miller saved his best for the playoffs. They stop the run but focus on the QB.

Rams DLine


Cooper Kupp Van Jefferson Odell Beckham Jr. Make no mistake, it's the Cooper Kupp show. But ignore Van Jefferson and OBJ at your peril. Any of these guys can score on any play from anywhere.

Rams Receivers


Yes, Cam Akers has had fumbling issues lately. McVay knows the Rams need him and has kept him involved. That being said Sony Michel is a force when healthy. He's healthy and the Rams can and need to run.

Cam Akers Sony Michel

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Jalen Ramsey will give up completions here and there. You can score the occasional touchdown or splash play, but the other teams best receiver generally has a bad day vs him. Ramsey vs Ja'Marr Chase will be a key battle.

Jalen Ramsey


Andrew Whitworth is the aging veteran coaxing one last season out of his body as he leads his teammates against a Bengals DLine that brings pressure from every angle. They HAVE to give Stafford time to operate.

Rams OLine


The fans at SoFi Stadium showed up big time in the thrilling come-from-behind victory against the 49ers. There was a concerted effort by the front office to keep 49ers fans out. Can they once again work home-field magic for this Sunday?