Interesting Trivia Suggest Max Holloway Will Lose the Trilogy Fight at UFC 276

Max Holloway is set to take on Alexander Volkanovski in a trilogy fight at UFC 276.

The Blessed will get an opportunity to reclaim his featherweight crown in his third attempt to beat Alexander Volkanovski.

Holloway has failed to get the better of Volkanovski on both occasions, and stats suggest he might lose in the third fight as well.

According to an interesting trivia, Max Holloway might lose the trilogy fight against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 276.

Max Holloway is only the third fighter in UFC history to walk into a trilogy after losing the first two fights.

Ken Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz and BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar were the last two fights trilogy fights, and neither of them won the third fight.

Needless to say, Holloway will have to break the pattern and do what neither Ken Shamrock or BJ Penn could do in their trilogy fight after losing the first two.

Holloway will step inside the Octagon in the back of back to back dominant performances, and he will look to maintain his winning streak as he takes on the featherweight champion in the co-main event of UFC 276.

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