It is safe to say, no other NBA player is respected more in NBA than the Late Bill Russell. The Boston Celtics legend had won 11 rings in his 13 seasons in the league from 1956-1969.

The 12 times All-Star and 5- times MVP was the defensive anchor of the Celtics, which turned into a dynasty since then. When it comes to championships, he will always have the last laugh. He has won championships for 8- times consecutively.

Russell’s impact on basketball is honoured to this day. so much that the Final’s MVP award is named after him.

But his off-court impact also transcends eras. His contribution to the Civil Rights movement in the ’60s has made him a Civil Rights icon even today.

Surely the collection from such a figure will be a very collectable item among the bidders.

NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal also looking for some of it. He said: “To be able to have all 11 of those rings, nobody’s outbidding me on that one”

With a net worth of around $400 Million, Shaq might be able to do that. Matter of fact, Shaq loves to buy expensive collections.

Shaq once took his son to an auction and bought a $21,000 Rolex watch for him. There is no saying on how a person can bid who spends lavishly on such luxury desires.

Dr O’ Neal has both the money and the desire to go after Bill’s rings. Shaq has always held Bill in high regard. In one of the NBA Open Court’s, he chose Bill over Wilt Chamberlain as his centre in the ’60s.

He said ”I was taught, from guys like Isiah [Thomas] and guys like Mike [Michael Jordan] that it’s all about the championships. Bill Russell has 11 championships. That will never be matched again.”