Shane McMahon Is Out Of WrestleMania, Receives Serious Backlash From WWE Creative Team

Shane's ego run

Shane McMahon booked himself in  big-time matches and to look strong

Won the WWE World Cup by entering himself into the finals and called himself Best In The World

Defeated superstars like Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns

A very unsafe worker

Chris Jericho mentioned on his podcast that Shane always loses control of his punches and that result in injuries

The final straw

Shane booked the 2022 Royal Rumble to book himself very strong

Shane out-wrestled legitimate superstars like Riddle and Drew McIntyre

Shane openly buried the producers and changed everything that Vince wanted

Vince had no choice. Shane created chaos, had everyone in an uproar, pissed off everyone in the Rumble, openly buried other producers, and was changing things that Vince wanted. Vince had no other choice but to send him home” - According to a trusted source inside WWE said to Ringside News

Shane McMahon is no longer involved in Elimination Chamber or WrestleMania


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