Roman Reigns Removed From Official Poster; Cody Rhodes Takes the Lead

Reigns set to hioc?

It looks like Roman Reigns won't be part of WWE's next Premium Live Event.


Everything points towards Roman Reigns missing Hell in a Call later next month.

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And now WWE has made it more clear!

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Roman reigns missing from latest hell in a cell poster

Roman Reigns was omitted from the official Hell in a Cell poster set to go down in June.

Taking his position as the main guy on the poster was none other than the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.

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Roman Reigns has already hinted during a live show that he might be leaving WWE in the near future.


While there can be multiple reasons as to why Roman Reigns is missing from Hell in a Cell, it won't be wrong to assume that his recent comment may have a lot to do with it.

Reigns was earlier promoted of the upcoming Premium Live Event. However, the new poster has everyone confused.

If Reigns misses the show, it will be the second straight huge event where neither of the WWE titles were defended.

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