Roman Reigns Breaks Silence After Riddle's Huge Claims

Roman Reigns and Riddle are set to share the WWE ring for the undisputed WWE Championship.

Last week on RAW, Riddle defeated Sami Zayn to earn a spot at Reigns' throne. Needless to say, he emerged victorious and now faces the biggest challenge of his WWE career in the form of the Tribal Chief.

This prompted a response from Roman Reigns, who took to Twitter to send a warning to Riddle. Reigns called Riddle an "idiot" and looked quite confident that he gets the job done this week on SmackDown.


Now I have to leave the private island  …jump on the private yacht  ….and then board the private jet just to smash this idiot on #Smackdown Tribal Chief problems." Roman Reigns said.

Ahead of the much anticipated showdown between both the superstars, Paul Heyman added more spice to the show after he revealed that there will be a special stipulation added to the match.

Needless to say, it did not go too well with Riddle, who lashed out at Heyman and called out Roman Reigns in the recent episode of RAW.

"Paul, for a guy who talks as much as you do bro, you really don't say anything. You don't know me, and Roman Reigns, definitely doesn't know me. And you guys have no idea, what I am capable of." Riddle announced.

According to the stipulation, should Riddle fail to beat Roman Reigns on SmackDown this week, he will no longer be able to challenge for the WWE gold as long as the Tribal Chief is the champion!

Do you think Riddle can beat Roman Reigns to become the new undisputed WWE Champion of the world? 

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