Report: Dark Horse Team Could Be Emerging For Kevin Durant

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A sleeper team has reportedly entered the mix for Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kevin Durant.

According to Hoopswire's Sam Amico, the Washington Wizards could make a "big push" to land Durant this off-season.

“Many sources also tell hoops wire to keep an eye on magicians, which can be a big push,” Amiko writes.

"Durant is a DC product as well.

He can't be bothered to play at home with Bradley Beale."

The deal will be tough for the Wizards as they may not have the assets for it,

But it would be nice to see them meet Durant nonetheless.

Durant went to the National Christian Academy for a few years of his high school before finishing in Montrose Christian (both located just outside DC).

It might also be tempting for Durant to team up with Beale to get the Wizards back into the playoffs.

It remains to be seen whether Washington can step up to the plate with a bigger offer.