NFL World Reacts To Jon Gruden's Honest Admission

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On Tuesday afternoon, John Gruden made a rare public appearance and made some interesting comments.

Gruden said he was embarrassed by the false and racist emails he sent. He said the emails were embarrassing,

But he believes he is still a good person.

"I'm embarrassed about those emails and I won't make excuses for it," Gruden.

"It's embarrassing. But, I'm a good person. Believe me.

I go to church, I've been married for 31 years, and I have three good boys. I still love football.

I've made some mistakes, but I don't think anyone here has.

I just apologize and hope I get another chance."

Naturally, his comment went viral on social media. Most fans are not yet ready to forgive him.

"Ed note: You can apologize without the 'but'," said reporter Patrick Claiborne.

One person said, "Going to church and being married for 31 years doesn't make you a good person."

However, there are others.

"I forgive Gruden... Sure, the emails were terrible.

I believe as long as someone can learn from their lessons and change their perspective, they will earn forgiveness," said another fan.

What do you think of Gruden's comments?