NFC Top 5

NFL Playoff Power Rankings


Dallas "can" be the most complete team on this list. But they're not. Major issues at kicker are eclipsed by teams successfully disguising coverages giving Prescott issues. 1 more game to work it out.

Dallas Cowboys


Brady is the GOAT but a lot has to go right to win a Super Bowl and to repeat even more. That does not describe the Buccs season. They are still a power house but don't scare teams now.

TB Buccaneers


The Rams and the Cowboys. Two teams being held back by inconsistent QB play. Stafford is showing signs of figuring it out and when he does all bets are off. When he does.

Los Angeles Rams


Remember Kyler Murray from the beginning of the season? He's baaaaack! Pinpoint passing from multiple arm-angles while on the move and his wheels are cooking now! There really is no game plan to stop him. Hang on!

Arizona Cardinals


It's Aaron Rodgers world and everybody else is along for the ride. As long as Rodgers has receivers and a defense the Pack is relevant. They do and they are. The path to the Super Bowl is through Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers

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