Mike Tyson’s Savage Daughter Played Tennis Against Venus Williams, Steffi Graf

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson was among the best athletes not only in boxing but all sports. The former heavyweight champion weighed in at 220-pounds of pure muscle, devastating opponents much larger than him in size. What gave Iron Mike the edge was his explosive athleticism and unmatched knockout power.

Moreover, it seems like Tyson’s genes have certainly moved on to the next generation. Tyson’s daughter Milan is currently training to become a professional tennis player at the age of just 13 years. Iron Mike described her as a ‘savage’ who is dedicated to her sport. “She still loves it, of course, she hits the ball like a savage,” He said in a training session

However, this was not all, as the former champ even revealed that Milan was taught a tennis lesson by none other than Venus Williams. In an interview with ‘All access’, Tyson was asked about his daughter. The reporter heard that Milan apparently got a tennis lesson from Serena Williams and wanted to know if it was true.

 Tyson corrected him, claiming that she got a lesson from her sister Venus Williams. He also added that Milan got a lesson from the German tennis icon Steffi Graf.

Absolutely, Venus Williams, Steffi Graf as well. She played with Steffi Graf. Listen, I’ve just been I’ve been blessed to have, be fortunate to have my kids meet some great people like that,” said Tyson.

The connections that Tyson has made throughout the years will be of great benefit to his children. Unlike him, they will be able to learn from the best from the start, a luxury that Tyson didn’t have.

Although Milan might not have gotten a lesson from 23-time Grand Slam winner, she met her idol, Serena Williams, in 2016. However, she was just 7 years old at the time and did not gain much from the meeting.

Following this, she even got the opportunity to train with Patrick Mouratoglou, former coach of the Williams sisters. Tyson can provide his children with the best possible coaching. However, in the end, it is up to his children to find success in their sports through hard work and dedication.

Nevertheless, there is another project underway that Tyson believes will show the truth rather than an entertaining story. Hollywood legends Martin Scorsese and Antoine Fuqua are also a part of the production.