In the midst of a difficult personal life situation, Michael Jordan gave some much-needed advice to his long-time pal Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are two of the most accomplished athletes. Furthermore, both are largely recognized as the best athletes in their respective sports.

Surprisingly, the two supposed GOATS are great friends. Woods and MJ have a good relationship that dates back to when Jordan was still in the NBA. Despite having several disagreements in the past, the two have kept their friendship strong.

While Tiger’s life on the golf field was fascinating, and he was the world’s first multi-billion-dollar golfer, he also had various personal troubles, including extramarital affairs, and he was fortunate to survive a car accident.

Michael Jordan was asked what advice he would give Tiger Woods while he was dealing with some difficult personal issues.

He expressed his desire that Woods not struggle to achieve happiness and hoped that he would find the fortitude to overcome this. Jordan also advised that Woods lean on someone close to him.

It looks as though it worked out well, as Tiger has since weathered the storm and risen back to prominence. “He has no companion,” Jordan said last year. “He has to find that happiness in his life, that is the thing that worries me. I don’t know if he can find that kind of happiness. He will have to trust someone.”

“To be fair, all athletes are sensitive,” he said. “Tiger is sensitive sometimes. Michael is sometimes sensitive. Charles is the least sensitive. But they are all relatively young. 

Things come up perfect. Who’s to say they’ll never get to a place where they are friends again? You say you’re sorry and you pick up where you left off. This is a true sign of a friend.”

Both MJ and Woods have demonstrated tremendous tenacity throughout their careers, having to cope not just with the rigors of being legends, but also with having to endure their personal lives and reputations in order to become the subject of GOAT discussion.