Max Holloway Breaks Silence After Crushing Defeat at UFC 276

Max holloway suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 276.

The rematch between these two featherweight elites was an extremely close fight.

However, Alexander Volkanovski left no doubt this time and beat Holloway in every aspect of mixed martial arts.

Following the loss, Max Holloway issued a hilarious statement on Twitter and gave Volkanovski the credit he deserves.

"I'm still up 2-0 on knockdowns for the trilogy. Prob gonna need a 4th to settle this.  Just playing. Congrats to my brother Alexander Volkanovski. Go get that 55 strap. You earned the shot. You're #1 P4P right now."

Max Holloway secured two knockdowns in the rematch, which won him the first two rounds. However, Volkanovski was a step ahead of Holloway in the trilogy at UFC 276.

Alexander Volkanovski  acknowledged Max Holloway's wishes for his future lightweight run and said: "Absolute legend brother"

Despite the loss, Max Holloway is one of the best featherweights to ever grace the octagon. But, Volkanovski certainly has an argument to be the best P4P fighter in UFC.