Looking for a rent-free or low-cost place to live? Give homesharing a try!

Homesharing is when two unrelated people come together for the purposes of sharing a living accommodation, such as a home or an apartment.

This intergenerational matchup ends up being a positive for both parties in a variety of ways. The senior usually charges their tenant rent that is much less than the going market rate.

A win-win for all ages

HIP Housing is a non-profit homesharing agency in San Francisco that has been matching home providers and home seekers for 40 years.

Opportunity to live rent-free

Some homesharing agencies use a different model that doesn’t have an exchange of money between the two parties.

Instead, the home seeker exchanges their time and services each week for rent-free housing.

Where to find a homesharing agency

If you’re in the United States, a good place to start would be the National Shared Housing’s homesharing directory. You’ll find the names and contact information of agencies located throughout the U.S.

While homesharing agencies vary in their policies, their mission is to match the home provider with an appropriate home seeker so that both parties can mutually benefit.

As affordable housing becomes more difficult to find, I’m seeing more housing organizations and nonprofits adopting a homesharing model. There are now group shares for families with children.

The Bottom Line