Logan Paul Wants to Fight Paddy Pimblett

After a historic boxing match with Floyd Mayweather and a stellar match at Wrestlemania 38, Logan Paul is aiming for a UFC debut.

As crazy as it sounds, even Dana White does not hate the idea of Logan Paul competing in the UFC octagon.

But, who will be the opponent for Logan Paul's UFC debut?

Well, it seems The Maverick has his eyes set on the rising star of UFC, Paddy Pimblett.

With only two fights in his UFC career, Paddy Pimblett has managed to achieve the stardom that other fighters wish for. And the recent success of UFC London only speaks to the popularity of the British star.

Explaining why Paddy Pimblett will be the perfect opponent for him, Logan Paul stated: “They’re saying he’s possibly the next Conor McGregor, right? He’s super charismatic, he’s entertaining as hell, he’s on the come up, he’s young like me, he’s got a real loud mouth. I just like the way he can perform. I think also, in the off season, he can come up like 25 pounds. The kid blows up in the off season, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Logan Paul also believes that a fight with Paddy Pimblett will certainly grab the attention of MMA fans.

Well, as of now, it's very unlikely that we will see this fight happening inside the octagon.

However, if Dana White agrees to this fight then Logan Paul vs Paddy Pimblett can be a huge spectacle for the fans.

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