Legendary NFL Quarterback's Daughter Goes Viral

Legendary NFL Quarterback's Daughter Goes Viral

It was discovered that Brett Favre's daughter was a cast member of a reality television program.

Fans had assumed that Favre's daughter may be one of the show's characters, but it wasn't confirmed until this past week when she made her name known.

One of the "Claim to Fame" cast members is Brittany Favre. The families of famous individuals compete for $100,000 on the program while trying to conceal their identities.

"We have a really tight relationship. I did acquire his spirit of competition. At my home, the only possibility is to win, "said Brittany.

"Since I was born before he achieved popularity, I got to see the whole process of going from being unknown to well-known. Do not be misled by my friendliness.

 I know how to win since I was a lawyer once. I irritate others because I am so competitive." Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC, "Claim to Fame" is shown. E.T.