Joe Rogan Takes A Cheeky Dig At Chris Hemsworth 

Podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan is very well known for his cheeky remarks.

The commentator might have taken a shady dig on American actor Chris Hemsworth.

He recently appeared at comedian Andrew Schulz's and Akaash Singh's podcast where the trio discussed a variety of topics.

When asked who he thinks is the hottest guy, Rogan put forward Chris Hemsworth's name forward!

Chris Hemsworth enjoys an incredible Hollywood career that has seen him play some amazing roles; most notably Marvel's Thor.


Rogan complimented the MCU star for the amount of effort he puts to maintain a physique like that.

Which escalated pretty soon when he hinted the role of steroid that could be involved.

"Sure, USADA’s not knocking on Chris Hemsworth’s door." - Rogan said.

The actor shares workout posts time to time which has surely contributed to his amazing physique.

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