Inflation: Prices Keep Soaring – Which Ones Really Hurt You Most?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks thousands of prices and folds them all into a weighted average they call the consumer price index, or CPI.

Inflation Keeps Ticking Higher And Higher, But Affects The Cost Of Some Items Much More Than Others

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Do All Prices Move Up Together?

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What’s Likely To Hurt Your Wallet Most?

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Used Cars And Trucks

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Car And Truck Rentals

The Covid-19 pandemic gutted the travel industry. One of the worst-hit were auto rental companies

- Airfares, Public Transportation, And Other - Intercity Transportation

- Fuel

- Energy Services

- Lodging Away From Home

- Homes

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Paying these higher prices is unavoidable in many cases.

What You Can Do About It (And The Limits Of That)

Inflation is higher than it’s been in decades, and it seems to just keep going up

The Bottom Line