How to Kick Start a Saving Habit Overnight

It’s a simple concept that involves quite a significant but temporary life change.

Begin By Doing Nothing

You need somewhere to put the money you save during your no-spend month, and the money you save as you get your savings habit into gear.

Incentivise Yourself

his may not sound like a way to kick-start a saving habit, but if you can sell just a few items you no longer use and put the money straight into that savings account


Debt can easily prevent us from starting a savings habit. It’s always tempting to pay down debt first, before saving, because debt is costing us.

Know What Your Debt Plan Is

devise a debt strategy that allows you to see when current debts will be paid off.

Not everyone is eligible for a 401(k) but even those who are, often don’t contribute.

Check Your 401(K) If You Have One

Automated payments can simplify your finances and make saving easier.

Automate A Small Monthly Payment Into Your Savings Account