Financial Advisors Who Buy Individual Stocks and Bonds

While low cost index mutual funds and ETFs have surged in popularity among do-it-yourself investors and financial advisors alike, investing directly in individual stocks and bonds could offer many potential benefits depending upon your unique circumstances.

But investing in individual securities comes with additional risks and requires considerable time, knowledge and discipline to thoughtfully build and maintain diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds to achieve desired outcomes.

If you’re preparing to hire a financial advisor, should you hire an advisor who will invest your money in index funds? Or is hiring a financial advisor who invests directly in individual stocks and bonds right for you?

Three Questions with Scot:

– Financial Advisors Who Buy Individual Stocks and Bonds –

Clothing is a good analogy here. When you buy something off the rack, it may not quite fit the way you’d like.

Why do you believe building portfolios with individual stocks and bonds is a thoughtful approach for investors?

How do you decide when it’s time to rebalance your allocations and why?

We put a lot of thought into designing client portfolios for the long haul, and that includes being able to weather the inevitable and often unforeseen turbulent periods.

What are the most important factors you consider to determine the initial asset allocation for a new client

From our point of view, the single most important factor to consider is when a client needs to tap the resources in their portfolio to fund spending.