Dwayne Johnson Fantasizes About Facing Roman Reigns; Says Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns vs The Rock is arguably the greatest bout in the history of professional wrestling.

While we have been fed with rumors of an ultimate showdown from years, nothing has come to fruition.

Paul Heyman says The Rock has a fantasy!

In a jibe at The Rock. Paul Heyman had some amusing things to say about Reigns vs Rock.

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"We can speculate all we want about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson stepping into the ring with Roman Reigns." Heyman has said.

Due to their relationship with each other, it doesn't seem like we will see an ultimate showdown between The Tribal Chief and Roman Reigns.

"It's masturbatory fantasies until there's a piece of paper in front of us with Dwayne Johnson's signature on it. Then I know it's real. And until then, it's just fantasy. It's a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson's to come to get the rub from the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns." Heyman added.

It's a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson to feel the energy of ... a hundred thousand people live cheering on as the Tribal Chief smashes The Rock. It's a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson to step into the ring with the greatest of all time Roman Reigns, then, now, and forever. And until he puts his name on a contract, it's just his fantasy." Heyman further adds.

Paul Heyman has his say on Dwayne The Rock Johnson!

Will the rock ever meet the tribal chief?

The chances are less, considering it's nothing more than a moolah for the company and the stars involved. It goes without saying, that's not something in scarcity for both The Rock and Roman Reigns.



Moreover, with The Bloodline working dominantly as it is, it doesn't make sense for another from the Bloodline to ruin the act.

Additionally, it doesn't help anybody! While a win against The Rock certainly helps raise Roman Reigns' legacy; he has plenty to already record in his historic career.

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