Dolph Ziggler Continues to Win WWE Fans With His Different Looks

While other superstars try to win fans with different gimmicks, Dolph Ziggler just changes his hairstyle and becomes the talk of the show. Dolph Ziggler has always been a trendsetter by changing his looks.

A change in hairstyle seems to be a good omen for Dolph Ziggler. He brings out a new hairstyle and then he wins the hearts of fans as a result, Ziggler wins championships.

Short Dark Hair

Ziggler debuted this look when he was with the Spirit Squad. Ziggler won his first title within months. It was the WWE Tag Team Championship

Short Blonde Hair

Dolph’s rise to success came after he went blonde. Ziggler won the U.S Title

The Bro Flow

Ziggler’s Blonde - Bro Flow was one of the most popular hairstyles. A lot of kids and teenagers started to follow this hairstyle

Ziggler won the Money In The Bank Briefcase and also became a Grand Slam Champion.

The Long-Slick-Back

In 2018, when Ziggler returned to WWE he showed up and won the Raw Tag Team Championships.

The Long Straight Hair

Ziggler showed up on NXT 2.0 looking dapper. The internet went crazy

The fans are loving this Dolph. Will Ziggler win the NXT Championship now?


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