Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley shared a very playful friendship during their playing days in the NBA and for a while after.

Their relationship soured in later years, but they were good buddies back in the day, even when they were competing against one another for championships

Barkley and MJ would face one another in the 1993 NBA Finals when the Chicago Bulls beat the Phoenix Suns, but MJ had already won two championships before then.

His 1992 win came against the Portland Trail Blazers led by Clyde Drexler.

The matchup between Jordan and Drexler was hyped up quite a bit in the leadup to the series

But what's interesting about it is that Charles Barkley, long before he was making guarantees, had predicted that the Blazers would beat the Bulls.

Ernie Johnson: "Now earlier tonight, Charles Barkley said here that he kinda liked Portland Trail Blazers if it came down to Portland and Chicago."

"And you knew that word of that would get back to somebody. Bob Neal mentioned it to Michael Jordan. Here's the results."

Michael Jordan: "I know Charles is trying to drive me crazy. He’s trying to make me competitive, and I appreciate that Charles. What a great friend!"

Happy Birthday To The Black Mamba!

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