Backstage update on Shane McMahon ahead of WrestleMania 38


There are rumors that Shane McMahon could show up at WrestleMania 38.

Interestingly enough, many believe that Shane McMahon could be the mystery opponent for Seth Rollins.

Shane McMahon to take on Seth Rollins?

According to latest reports, that won't be the case. Shane McMahon will not take on Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38.

Will Shane McMahon show up at WrestleMania 38?

Most likely, Shane McMahon will be part of WrestleMania 38 but won't be competing on the card.

"Here's the deal. He was was gonna go [to Dallas] no matter what. He goes to the Hall of Fame, every single Hall of Fame. He's always at the Hall of Fame. Of course he's gonna go with Vince inducting Undertaker to the Hall of Fame."

Dave Meltzer said.

Wanda Winfrey’s

Shane McMahon to be present during Hall of Fame induction class of 2022

It's safe to say that just like every year, Shane will make his presence felt at the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame.

"There's always the chance that Vince is kayfabing everyone and there's gonna be something [at 'Mania for Shane], but from what I was told, and this is from multiple people who are pretty high on the food chain, you never know 100% because it's wrestling and also can change everything, but as far as Shane McMahon on WrestleMania or something like that, on the creative team his name has not been spoken about since January." Meltzer noted.

Becky Lynch kept muttering under her breath as she exited the arena.

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Are you excited to see Shane McMahon again?

Shane McMahon always brings excitement and entertainment. As a professional wrestler, he is a complete package. Are you excited to see him return to the ring?


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