6 Ways Divorced Women Sabotage Their Retirement Years

For many retirees, this next chapter is filled with extreme happiness; for others, it’s met with a mixture of stress and trepidation on a number of levels.  

6 Ways Divorced Women Sabotage Their Retirement Years

Make a list of everything you want to do with different time frames for them.  If this is difficult, think of what’s important to you as you enter this new phase.

Not Having a Plan

Not Accepting That You’re Living on a Fixed Income

No more pay raises unless the government decides to make a cost of living adjustment, no more bonuses, commissions, or other pay incentives. 

At some point, they become adults with separate lives and responsibilities.  Are you continuing to subsidize them by covering their cell phone bills, auto insurance, rent, student loans, and the like?  

Keeping Adult Children On Your Payroll

High Credit Card Balances  

There’s good debt like a mortgage and bad debt like credit cards and personal loans.  Things can quickly get out of hand if you continue to rack up credit card balances and don’t pay them off in full each month.  Easier said than done, I know.  

Health insurance takes on a new light in retirement.  Health care costs are the single largest expense for retirees.

Health Insurance Mis-Steps 


Boredom can often lead to financial behaviors that will not serve you well.  You may find yourself a regular Home Shopping Network viewer, internet shopping junkie, or a frequent visitor to a local casino. 

Stay true to the long-term goals that you wrote down and check in with them regularly.  Meet with a financial coach who can provide guidance and support during this new phase.  

The Fix?