$350 Million Worth Andrew Tate Makes Startling Decision in Final Message after Social Media Ban

The recent ban of controversial kickboxer turned social media celebrity Andrew Tate left many wondering what his next move might be. Top G was recently banned from all major social media platforms for violating their privacy policies.

Many cite that his controversial takes were the reason for his success. However, they were also the cause of his eventual downfall, and like every story, there are always two sides to it.

The fans and audience of Tate finally got to hear what he had to say about his recent ban. In an hour-long video titled My Final Message, Tate gives a candid and honest story of his rise to fame.

 In a segment of the video, he makes a startling revelation about what he wanted to do next. He claimed that he had already achieved everything he ever wanted and wanted to leave with a positive impact.

What’s next for the Top G? Well, as I’ve said, I have built my dream life. I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I’ve done that with the tenets that I’ve been teaching the people who follow me. I’ve been teaching you the mental fortitude you truly need to have your dream life. All that’s left for me to do is to have a positive impact on this world.” He said.

He also stated that he did not want to go down as a bad person. Moreover, he defended his controversial taking, telling his audience that he was always taught to stand up for himself and do the right thing. 

I don’t think anybody, truly, wants to go down as a villain. Maybe some people do, I don’t. I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised to stick up for myself, to be strong, to be commanding. But I was raised to do the right thing. That’s why, as I’ve stated, I have no criminal record. I stay away from drugs.” He added.  

This side of Tate is surprising to see as a few weeks ago he was perfectly playing the role of a villain. It is indeed startling to see Top G’s sudden change in attitude after his ban, which some might have thought was long overdue.

Top G was recently banned from all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Initially, Tate was banned from Meta platforms only, however, he was also taken down from YouTube and TikTok in the following days.