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We have a new trailer for Saints Row 4, which shows car customization

Deep Silver’s re-imagined Saints Row showcased the innovative features that fans were looking forward to and experienced first hand in the post-August 23 release.



A new trailer for Saints Row has shown off a lot of the gameplay and core features that people have been waiting for.

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In anticipation of the 2022 Saints Row reboot’s release on August 23, Deep Silver Volition has released a final gameplay trailer. In just six minutes, you can see updated versions of fan-favorite Saints Row elements like vehicle customization and the Saints’ headquarters. The three main criminal organizations that the Saints must contend with are also formally introduced.

The release of fresh images of the Saints’ new headquarters was one of the most eye-opening developments. The previous games focused on high-rise buildings, but the new one centers on a neon-lit purple mansion. Once the crew has outgrown its first home, Saints HQ will become the action’s nerve center.

The return of Saints Row features car tuning and gangs.


Since Saints Row 2’s release, players have been able to modify their vehicles, and the 2022 relaunch faithfully revives this feature.

The new Saints Row trailer showcases the vast variety of vehicle modifications that were previously hinted at in the game’s early previews. Each car’s parts can be customized with a choice from a dozen different settings. It’s not just wallpaper that’s intricate; paint is too, allowing for countless design possibilities.

Although automobiles will play a central role, players will also have the option to personalize boats and helicopters in the new Saints Row. Motorbikes are also easily accessible and can be stolen in large numbers. The Saints’ base of operations will double as a makeshift machine shop where players can alter vehicles as they play.

Fans of Saints Row had a general idea of the three main gangs operating in Santo Ileso, but the trailer provides the first look at them in their native environment. The Los Panteros are a notorious drug trafficking organization known for their flashy cars and intimidating mobsters. Sergio, the leader of this group, is shown jumping out of a helicopter in an apparent attempt to attack the Saints.

The Idols are a less solemn group, with a focus on gadgets and revelry. They have leaders who wear Daft Punk helmets with Professor Genki designs.


Marshall Industries, the private military firm that initially employs the player character, could be the game’s final foe. is proud to announce that the following post first appeared on New Saints Row trailer showcases car customization and Saints HQ.