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We Figured Out How to Make Frozen Cheesecake Dipped in Chocolate… on a Stick

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With all due respect to the NYC cheesecake culture, anyone in the know is aware that Chicago has its own legendary and iconic cheesecake legacy, with the renowned Eli’s Cheesecake being the pinnacle of cheesecake excellence. What started out as a dessert on the menu of a neighborhood restaurant in the late 1970s flowered into a stand-alone cheesecake business by the middle of the 1980s and has developed through the years into one of Chicago’s most cherished culinary gems.


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Eli’s has increased its selection over the years, but for me, the turning point came when it unveiled the Dipper, a frozen piece of chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick. Yeah. We’ll wait while you take in how great that concept is in every way.

The frozen, chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick is wonderful.


One of my go-to weapons for large gatherings, especially in the summer, has always been dippers. It’s a wonderful surprise that because they don’t melt, these fork-free delights are simpler to eat than ice cream novelty items! Don’t drip. Because they are individually wrapped, you can store them in the freezer. For gatherings, I place the dippers on top of a layer of frozen ice packs in my dependable Yeti cooler. They will keep delicious and fresh for hours with the lid on.

What if, however, you require some customization? There are just a few types and styles of dippers produced by Eli’s, so what do you do if your preferred taste isn’t available or you’d prefer a gluten-free or non-chocolate option? What if the flavor combination you want isn’t one that can be ordered? I had to hack those dippers, I knew it!

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making your own dippers!

Ultimately, making a DIY dipper for yourself is not really difficult. More technique than recipe is the secret.


You should undoubtedly start with a cheesecake. It can be created at home or purchased. Eli’s offers a variety of flavors, or you can create your own. It’s best to make cheesecakes smaller: Consider a 6-8-inch cheesecake rather than a larger 9-10-inch cheesecake if you are ordering or creating your own. Slices from larger cheesecakes can be a little trickier to consume and dip.

Your only task is to:

1. Cut your cheesecake into as many pieces as you wish, but keep in mind that if you cut them too thinly, it can be difficult to secure the stick.

2. Give the cheesecake at least an hour to thaw out of the refrigerator (cold cheesecake is likely to crumble or split when inserting the stick).

3. Carefully insert a plain popsicle stick into the wide end of a cheesecake slice (I do mine vertically since I find it simpler to preserve the structural integrity of the slices than horizontally).


4. Carefully move the slices to a sheet pan coated with parchment paper, arrange, and place in the freezer overnight, uncovered. You want the slices to be completely frozen.

5. Prepare a coating using the method below to dip. If you don’t like chocolate, try butterscotch or peanut butter chips instead, or choose one of the fruit or nut varieties of Valrhona Inspirations! You can use any type of chip or feve!

6. While preparing your dip, line a fresh sheet pan with parchment paper and place in the freezer to chill.

7. To make your coating, combine 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 2 cups chocolate chips or flavoring chips, and a dash of salt in a small saucepan. Transfer to a tall container that is broad enough to dip your slices and has a good half-inch clearance all around after mixing until smooth. When it’s still liquid but not hot to the touch, let it cool slightly. This recipe can be doubled if you are cooking a large quantity.

8. Take the extra sheet pan and the frozen cheesecake out of the freezer. Gently coat the frozen slices in the dip one at a time, then transfer to a fresh, cold sheet pan. Once they have all been coated, put them back in the freezer, uncovered, to set.


9. After they are completely frozen, you can either transfer them to a freezer container to be served on a platter or place each dipper into a separate zip-top freezer bag to be served in a cooler.