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Volvo has released some images of the newest style of their upcoming EV

Volvo introduce an all-new SUV. The 2019 Volvo EXC90 is the latest and much more impressive mount for adventurous drivers.



One possible name for it is the Volvo EXC90.

We are aware that Volvo will only produce electric vehicles in the future. Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson confirmed last year that the XC90’s electric vehicle successor will have a name beginning with a vowel. Although Volvo was already protecting the name Embla as a trademark, we thought at the time that it might be the name they chose. Obviously, the well-known XC90 name also satisfies the criteria, and all it takes to do this is to add an E to the end of it. It’s possible that this is the all-electric Volvo EXC90 before it’s official release. Maybe.