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US Court orders disclosure of the pass needed to gain access to the Mar-a-Lago estate

Breaking his silence on Thursday, the nation’s top law enforcement official said the Department of Justice agreed there is a “substantial public interest” in releasing the search warrant as well as an inventory of what was taken in the search of the Mar-a-Lago club on Monday.



A motion to unseal the warrant used in the unprecedented search of former President Trump’s Florida home was filed in federal court in Miami, according to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

After remaining silent since Monday’s search of the Mar-a-Lago club, the nation’s top law enforcement official broke his silence on Thursday, saying the Department of Justice agreed there is a “substantial public interest” in releasing the search warrant and an inventory of what was taken.

In light of the government’s radio silence in the wake of the search, he felt compelled to share the FBI’s perspective on the events that led up to the raid.

The deadline for the Department of Justice to “report back” on whether or not Trump is opposed to unsealing the search warrant documents was set by U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart at 3 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday.

On Thursday, August 11, 2022, in Washington, DC, Attorney General Merrick Garland delivered a speech at the Justice Department. /Susan Walsh/


For Garland, “upholding the rule of law” means applying the law equally and without bias.

Garland added that he personally approved the search warrant as part of the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into the recovery of classified White House records from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida earlier this year.

Tensions for Trump: Examining the ex-investigation president’s

The attorney general has spoken out against the attacks on the integrity of FBI and Justice Department employees involved in the search. Trump’s Republican supporters have advocated cutting funding to the FBI.

Garland said, “I will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked” in reference to federal law enforcement agents, whom she praised as “dedicated, patriotic public servants.”


Much of what we do must be done in secret for obvious reasons. We do this to safeguard the honesty of our investigations and the rights of every citizen under the Constitution, he said. No additional information regarding the search’s motivation can be shared at this time due to “federal law, longstanding department rules, and our ethical obligations.”

New York Daily News’s version of the United States’ Motion to Unseal Limited Warrant Materials

If the search warrant is made public, we may learn whether the federal government was simply attempting to retrieve classified documents that Trump had no business keeping or whether the documents are related to some other potential crime.

Garland emphasized that authorities made attempts to collaborate with Trump before conducting the search of his home.

More than two months before this week’s shocking raid on the former president’s home, it was reported Thursday that a federal grand jury had issued a subpoena to Trump for classified documents in the spring.


While the FBI did remove some documents from Trump’s home on June 8 in response to the subpoena, the agency was later informed by an anonymous source that the former president had illegally kept some sensitive national security documents.

On this day in 2022, former President Donald Trump is seen leaving Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, on his way to the office of the New York attorney general for a deposition in a civil investigation. To paraphrase (Julia Nikhinson/)

Based on this new information, law enforcement officials conducted a historically unprecedented search of the home of a former president.

The request for the warrant’s release has been submitted to the judge, and Trump has the right to file an objection. If released, the warrant could reveal potentially damaging information about Trump’s handling of sensitive government documents as he prepares for another run for the presidency.

Donald Trump is contemplating an early start to his bid for reelection in 2024, casting a pall over the upcoming midterm elections


Late on Monday, August 8, 2022, in Palm Beach, Florida, armed Secret Service agents stand guard at the entrance to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. The (Terry Renna/)

Trump and the FBI have both been silent on the subject of any recovered documents. However, the ex-president expressed displeasure with the investigation on Thursday.

During the search, Trump claimed that his “attorneys and representatives were cooperating fully” and that government officials “could have had whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, if we had it” in a post on his Truth Social platform.

In a social media post, Trump claimed, “(I) learned that agents went through the First Lady’s closets and rummaged through her clothing and personal items.”

On Wednesday, August 10, 2022, in Palm Beach, Florida, an aerial view of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was released. I’m Steve Helber, and this is my story.


Despite facing multiple potential criminal and civil cases, the twice-impeached president continues to make headway in his post-presidential effort to shape the Republican Party.

Can we expect Trump to be slowed down by his legal missteps? Unlikely. Less than a month remains until the midterm elections, and the Republican Party is focusing its efforts on appealing to moderate and independent voters by emphasizing the Biden administration, high inflation rates, and immigration problems.

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