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Trump investigations live updates: Reps criticize rhetoric in processing of Kavanaugh investigation

The big changes to the investigation are being rapidly released.



think that these questions will go unanswered after today’s announcement,”

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., continued, “The release of the affidavit itself will be the real news.” “It is clear that the bureau, the attorney general, and the DOJ decided that this drastic action was required. We will be interested in their justification for choosing that extreme measure over a less intrusive one.”

Turner said that members of the intelligence committee and other relevant committees should have access to the underlying document, though she did not demand that it be made public. He urged the committee’s Democratic members to back a subpoena for this affidavit in the event that it is not provided.

When asked by ABC News if he agreed with the warrant’s release, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he rather to see a subpoena issued against President Trump.

According to ABC News, Trump was served a subpoena in the spring for records he failed to provide to the National Archives. It is unknown if, or to what extent, he complied. The existence of a subpoena has not been officially acknowledged by the Justice Department.


If Republicans retake power in November, Stefanik pledged a “fulsome probe.”

Stefanik stated that “House Republicans are dedicated to immediate oversight, accountability, and a thorough inquiry to give the American people with the necessary openness and answers.”

The group continually questioned the legitimacy of law enforcement while emphasizing their “complete support” for individuals who work for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies and denouncing any violence against officers.

-Allie Pecorin and Katherine Faulders of ABC News