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Tower of Fantasy needs parental consent We answer this question on our website

Defending an annoying pop up some players are facing.



Hotta Studios’ Tower of Fantasy is an ambitious open world role-playing game. The game’s worldwide release occurred on August 10 and it’s playable on mobile and PC. When attempting to log in, some players have received a Parental Consent message, which has irritated some users because it requires players to enter sensitive information. But what is Parental Consent, and why is Tower of Fantasy displaying it to some players?

In other words, what exactly is “Parental Consent”?

Tower of Fantasy’s cosmetics and in-game currencies can be purchased with real money. The game can be played for free, and any in-app purchases are completely discretionary. Putting in your credit card details is required before you can make any purchases. With Parental Consent, parents can rest assured that their minor children won’t make large purchases on their credit cards without their knowledge or permission. To advance in Parental Consent, one must enter one’s credit card details.

The Parental Consent prompt shouldn’t appear if you are not a minor and do not have a saved credit card in the game. In this case, however, the Parental Consent message is being sent to people who are not minors. A notice that reads “[m]inors are required to obtain parental consent before entering the game” is displayed. To proceed to the confirmation page, select CONTINUE below. Please get in touch with our support team if you have any questions. Card payment serves as verification for you. Many players would rather the game not store their payment details if it is truly free-to-play.

Delete the “Parental Consent Required” Message


Players do not want their credit information stored in the game, but the Parental Consent Message can be bypassed by entering a valid credit card number. Restarting the game is another option for getting rid of the message; eventually, the message won’t appear at all. It’s likely that the Parental Consent Message is just a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming update.