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Players of Wordle are tasked with identifying the five-letter English word that serves as the “Word of the Day” each day. You’ll get six chances a day to guess the word, and after each one, the letters will be highlighted in a different color depending on how close you were.

At midnight (local time), a new Wordle is unlocked for everyone to use, and the daily answer is the same no matter where in the world they may be. If you haven’t solved today’s puzzle yet, the answer is provided below.

Wordle Answer for Today: HUNKY The Wordle answer for today is HUNKY.

Wordle archives prepared by various websites, including one by Devang Thakkar, allow you to solve puzzles from the past. If you’d like to have more than one session of creative thinking each day, we’ve included the solutions to the previous puzzles.

An August 2022 Wordle Solution


Those are the solutions to the 419 words on Wordle (August 12) Words with Identifiable Outcomes — LABEL LABEL Wordle 418 Solutions (August 11) A GLEAN Wordle 417 Solutions — GLEAN (August 10) Answers to Wordle: CLING CLING (416) (August 9) Here are all 415 solutions to the PATTY PATTY Wordle (August 8) Words with a similar meaning to “UNFIT” (August 7) Here are the 413 correct entries for the SMEAR SMEAR Wordle (August 6) Aliens, Aliens, Aliens Wordle 412 Answers (August 5) Wordle: BUGGY BUGGY (411 Answers) (August 4) The 410 Solutions to “RHYME RHYME” on Words with Friends (August 3) Words containing “youth” (409 answers) (August 2) Words with a Double Occupancy: 408 Results for “COYLY COYLY” (August 1) Wordle: 407 Results for “QUART QUART” (July 31) Wordle: 406 Results for “CRAMP CRAMP” (July 30) Answers to the BLUFF BLUFF Word Scramble 405 (July 29) UPDATE UPDATE Wordle 404 Answers (July 28) For the 403 solutions to the STOMP STOMP Wordle, click here (July 27) Wordle 402 Solutions Featuring the Letters “MOTTO” (July 26) Wordle 401 Solutions: CINCH CINCH (July 25) Wordle: ELOPE ELOPE / 400 Responses (July 24) — 399 Results for “POWER” in the Wordle Game (July 23) Words that are roughly in the middle of the pack; there are 398 of them in this Wordle (July 22) It’s worth a shot to see if you can get 397 correct answers on the TRYST TRYST Wordle (July 21) Wordle: APHID APHID 396 Responses (July 20) Here are the 395 correct responses to the TRITE TRITE word game (July 19) Words that start with “angry” (July 18) Wordle: FLOCK FLOCK 393 Answers (July 17) — 392 Responses to “WACKY WACKY” Wordle (July 16) The 391 solutions to the “ROOMY ROOMY” clues on Wordle (July 15) Input: WEDGE WEDGE Wordle 390 Answers (July 14) Wordle: LIVER LIVER | 389 Answers (July 13) Wordle: 388 Answers, Boring, Boring (July 12) Assemble the letters to spell “night night”; there are 387 possible answers (July 11) Words With Friends Answers: 386 Times “MADAM” (July 10) Words that end in “BERTH” (with 385 answers) on Words with Friends (July 9) — 384 STANDING STANDING Wordle Answers — STEAD (July 8) Words with a similar pronunciation: VOICE VOICE Wordle 383 Solutions (July 7) The AGAPE Wordle has 382 correct answers (July 6) Words with a Fluffy Twist: 381 Solutions (July 5) PLAYING FIELD Answers to Wordle #380 (July 4) SEVERE SEVERE Wordle 379 Answers (July 3) The LILAC Wordle Has 378 Correct Answers (July 2) Answers to the Wordle containing “EGRET” (July 1) Words with Two Ts: PINTO PINTO (376) (June 30) Wordle: 375 HUTCH REACTIONS (June 29) — 374 Answers on the GAWKY Wordle (June 28) DROLL Wordle: 373 Correct Responses (June 27) Words that mean “in the past” in retrospect 372 Answers to Wordle (June 26) Wordle: 371 Answers containing “RUSTY” (June 25) BEADY BEADY BEADY Wordle 370 Solutions (June 24) To which 369 answers can be found in the SMITE Wordle (June 23) Wordle: 368 Answers (within the category) involving “BRINK” (June 22) Words that best describe how terrible it is: 367 (June 21) Wordle: 366 Solutions Featuring the Letters “G” and “O” (June 20) Input, Input, Input Wordle 365 Answers (June 19) “LOSER” is repeated 364 times in the answers to the word game “Wordle” (June 18) Wordle: CACAO / CACAO / CACAO / 363 Answers (June 17) Completely OUT OF CONTROL Wordle 362 Answers (June 16) Wordle: APRON APRON Wordle: 361 Answers (June 15) Wordle 360 Answers — PRIMO — PRIMO (June 14) Words that contain “ATONE” (with 359 answers) (June 13) Words That End in “DONOR” – DONOR Wordle | 358 Answers (June 12) There are 357 answers to the “FLOAT” clue on Wordle (June 11) Wordle: 356 Answers that Include “GOOSE” (June 10) Wordle: 355 Answers containing “PIETY” (June 9) The 354 Correct Responses to “GIRTH” on the Wordle (June 8) Wordle 35 Questions and 3 Answers involving the letters “TRAIT” (June 7) Flood Wordle: 352 Correct Responses (June 6) In other words: — GLOOM — GLOOM Wordle 351 Answers (June 5) Words with Depth: 350 Answers | Wordle (June 4) FROTH FROTH FROTH Wordle 349 Answers (June 3) Wordle: 348 Results for “PHASE PHASE” (June 2) Wordle: 347 Responses to “SHO WY SHO” (June 1) Wordle Solution: CREAK May 2022

Answers to Wordle: 346 (May 31) With 345 correct entries, the MANOR category dominates the Wordle (May 30) Wordle: 344 Answers (within the subject area of “ATOLL”) (May 29) Wordle: BAYOU BAYOU 343 Responses (May 28) Wordle: 342 Solutions Including “CREPT” (May 27) Wordle: 341 Answers containing “TIARA” (May 26) Wordle: ASSET | ASSET | 340 Answers (May 25 ) The 339 Correct Wordle Answers for “VOUCH VOUCH” (May 24) Wordle: “ALBUM” (338 Answers) (May 23) Wordle: 337 Answers containing “HINGE” (May 22) Wordle: 336 Answers Featuring the Two-Word Combination “MONEY” (May 21 ) Wordle: 335 Answers for SCRAP) (May 20) The GAMER word puzzle has 334 correct answers (May 19) Wordle 333 Answers – GLASS – GLASS (May 18) Wordle: “SCOUR” (332 Answers) (May 17) A-B-E-I-N-G: Wordle 331 Solutions (May 16) D-E-L-V-E: Wordle 330 Solutions (May 15) Wordle: YIELD YIELD YIELD 329 Solutions (May 14) Wordle: “METAL” || “METAL” || “METAL” || “METAL” 328 Answers (May 13) Wordle: 327 Answers Featuring the Letter “T” (May 12) SLUNG SLUNG SLUNG Wordle 326 Solutions (May 11) Falsehood Falsehood Falsehood Wordle 325 Answers (May 10) Here are the 324 solutions to the GECKO puzzle on Wordle: (May 9) Wordle: FETUS, FETUS, 323 Answers (May 8) Wordle: “CANNY” (322 Answers) (May 7) Wordle: MIDST MIDST MIDST 321 Answers (May 6) Wordle 320 Answers — BADGE — BADGE (May 5) Words that contain “HOMER” 319 times out of 500 (May 4) The 318 solutions to the “TRAIN” clues in the Wordle below all involve trains (May 3) Wordle: “HAIRY” (317 Answers) (May 2) Wordle 316 Answers – STORY STORY STORY (May 1) — FORGO

Mark this page so you can easily access the daily solutions whenever a new Wordle becomes available; we’ll be updating the guide with the answers every day.

WORD IS… SWITCH FROM SINGLE-PLAYER MODE TO GROUP FUN WITH THIS PHYSICAL TAKE ON THE ONLINE GAME “Word Secret 5-letter words are recorded in turn by each player. To win, the others compete by guessing it in the fewest number of attempts.

UNLIMITED Engage in Games Utilizing Dry-Erase Boards: We won’t have to hold our breath for a new Wordle game any longer. Play as many rounds as there are people using the Wordle dry-erase boards and markers. Keep repeating


4 METHODS OF WORDLE: Try out the original play or one of its three variants. In the rapid-fire mode, competitors are in a race against the clock to decipher the Wordle. Try to outscore the clock in timed mode to increase your score. As an alternative, you could compete with a team.

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